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School Safety An Ongoing Concern

A new Illinois law requires schools hold drills on what to do in the case of shooting.  More security measures could be on the way. 
The new law comes after the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary last year put renewed focus on school security.  Emergency Management Agency Director Jonathon Monken says it will continue to be an issue and more legislation is expected:

MONKEN "Whether it comes down to school construction standards for future schools.  Whether it comes to changing what schools can and can't spend some of their funds on, their health-life-safety funds, they have not been able to use those for security personnel and things like that in the past.  So there is a lot of things we still need to work and things we can do."

Monken says Illinois has to balance changes with financial realities.   He says the new law on safety drills will make sure schools and police are on the same page in the event of a shooting.  Monken says it's proven the sooner police are on the scene, the sooner an incident will end.  Many schools already practice what to do in those scenarios. 

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