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Community Advisory Board Home - Bylaws - Meet the Board - Past Board - Apply to ServeThursday, June 30, 2022, noon - 2 p.m.Tuesday, September 6, 2022, noon - 2 p.m.Tuesday, December 6, noon - 2 p.m.Tuesday, March 7, 2023, noon - 2 p.m.Open Meetings InformationNPR Illinois considers maintaining a community advisory board to be a best practice. The NPR Illinois Community Advisory Board (CAB) meets regularly to offer perspective to the management team and, as directed by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) Community Service Grant (CSG) has:The right to review the station's programming goalsThe right to review the service provided by the stationThe right to review significant policy decisions rendered by the stationThe obligation to advise the station's governing body of whether the station's programming and other significant policies are meeting the specialized educational and cultural needs of the communities served by the station, and to make recommendations that the CAB deems appropriate to meet such needs (47 U.S.C. § 396(k)(8))Additionally, the CAB is responsible to:Facilitate sustainability through fundraising, memberships, underwriting, grants, and contractsServe as ambassadors on the behalf of NPR Illinois at the local, state, and federal levelsMinutes:CAB Meeting Summary - December 2021CAB Meeting Summary - September 2021CAB Advice and Recommendations - June 2021CAB Meeting Summary - June 2021CAB Meeting Summary - March 2021CAB Meeting Summary - December 2020CAB Meeting Summary - September 2020CAB Meeting Summary - June 2020CAB Meeting Summary - March 2020CAB Meeting Summary - December 2019CAB Meeting Summary - September 2019CAB Meeting Summary - June 2019CAB Meeting Summary - March 2019CAB Meeting Summary - December 2018CAB Meeting Summary - September 2018

Advisory Board Minutes - March 2016

NPR Illinois Advisory Board Meeting
March 10, 2016


  • Chuck Scholz, Chair 
  • Deanie Brown
  • Sean Crawford
  • Jamey Dunn
  • Kathleen Dunn
  • Randy Eccles
  • Bethany Jaeger
  • Rachel Lattimore
  • David Racine
  • Kent Redfield
  • Dick Schuldt
  • Karen Witter


  • Cindy Canary
  • Robert Christie
  • Dave Kohn
  • Diane Lopez Hughes
  • Chris Mooney
  • Blake Roderick
  • Corinne Wood

3 PM Call to order
Welcome - Randy Eccles
Roll call  

Budget Impasse - No appropriation at the time of the meeting, with no clear plan.

  • NPR Illinois could see zero funding (with any higher education funding going to core programs).
  • Audience Survey indicated 6-8 items most likely to be cut (all these cuts could realize up to $100,000 in savings):
    • RIS (Reader Information Service)
    • Car Talk
    • Prairie Home Companion
    • APM (American Public Media programs)
    • BBC
    • HD Broadcast
    • Classical stream
  •  NPR Illinois will move forward with key initiatives.
  • Art Council grant (prior $17,000) was not renewed (the station continues to run the funding credits from the previous grant cycle).

Regional Journalism Collaborative (RJC) Update

  • CPB funding program for the RJC – Urbana is the lead station.
  • Participating stations:  Urbana, Springfield, Macomb, Carbondale (may change due to the budget impasse).
  • McCormick Foundation was approached in February to help fund the CPB grant with resources to hire one full time person for engagement, and one graduate student to assist.
  • Engagement activities include two approaches:
    • Follow high school graduates as they vote for the first time.
    • Civic education provided to middle school students.
  • Illinois Issues is being considered as a platform for the collaborative (no final decision yet).

Local Content - New and Expanded Programs

  • Adding a new program:  The 21st (produced at WILL/Illinois Public Media) – will be a weekly program.
  • Expanding Illinois Edition and will have ready for state-wide distribution.  WILL/Illinois Public Media will begin running the program beginning May 2nd.

Education Desk Engagement Activity

  • Moderated event was held in Suggs Studio on  March 2, 2016.
  • Invited and included a variety of education leadership.
  • Top Issues for the state:
    • Funding higher education.
    • Funding formula & equity (how funding impacts communities).
  • Sean Crawford moderated the event.

University of Illinois Strategic Plan Discussion

  • Meetings have been held on the three campuses to solicit ideas.
  • Draft plan has been completed.
  • Discussion returned to budget issues surrounding higher education.

UIS Center for State Policy & Leadership Annual Report

  • Review.
  • Concern over the budget and there is no one single solution.
  • Discussion of a letter of support from the board.  It was suggested a joint statement of support for the entire board would be helpful.  Bethany will draft a letter.
  • Letter will be reviewed by all and sent to the Chancellor to show our value and the impact we make (financial, reach, regional-central IL, donors, students, community and state leaders).

Round Table Discussion and Story Ideas

  • Higher education reform – Il does not have the power for reform (like New York and their in-tact state-wide system).
  • What is happening to private schools in Illinois (Monmouth, Knox College, and others)?
  • Tier pension system for teachers (6 years into tier 2), looks like a horrible system for teachers.
  • Role of education with K-12 charter schools.
  • Role of community colleges for the most vulnerable students.
  • Survey for bi-centennial activities in Illinois, what has been done to develop these possibilities.  Has a bi-centennial group been appointed and what is happening?
  • How does a brokered convention work & the impact of the Electoral College.  What is a super delegate?  What is the delegate proportions in Illinois?  How to understand the rules?  Vermont Public Radio did a nice piece on caucuses, might look to that for ideas.
  • Redistricting – what are the totals and what does the map look like.
  • How is state tourism being impacted by the budget impasse (Governor’s conference on tourism is coming up).
  • Impact on social service agencies and the long-term impact on those seeking services in Illinois.
  • How is the budget affecting hospitals in Illinois and what is the long-term impact.

Next Meeting

  • June 9, 2016 conference call.
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