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Day Sponsorship

Day Sponsorship

A benefit of your $25+/month Calendar Club membership or $300 annual gift.

What better way to celebrate a special moment than through NPR Illinois?

  • You choose the message and you choose the date!
  • You receive ten (10) on-air announcements.

 What are FCC guidelines?

  • Sponsoring individual's name must be in on-air message.
  • Do celebrate a person, place or holiday.
  • Do not ask others to take an action based on your message.

What are the NPR Illinois guidelines?

  • Please provide "Pro-NUN-see-ay-shun".
  • Please keep message length to 10 seconds or less.
  • Please send requested message to us at least ten days before air date.
  • NPR Illinois may edit your message for length or regulatory compliance.

Sample Message:
Today's  NPR Illinois Day Sponsor is Calendar Club member Ima Newsjunky, wishing her husband Larry a great first day at the new job!