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FULL DISCLOSURE: Army of the Dead


Join the Front Row Network as we give another Full Disclosure, this time on Zack Snyder’s Army of the Dead. The horde has taken over sin city in this gory and vibrant zombie-heist flick. Will our heroes succeed in making it past the cold re-animated corpses to get their hands on the cold hard cash lying in a vault in a zombie-conquered gamble palace? Or will our heroes fail and become another soldier in the land of the dead? Give this episode a listen to get our thoughts on Netflix’s latest release.

Featuring: Steve Sykes, Erin McCabe, Ryan Lootens, & Jay Hoffman

The Front Row Network - https://linktr.ee/frontrownetwork

Front Row Flashbacks – Return of the Living Dead - ?Front Row Flashbacks: Return of the Living Dead on Apple Podcasts

For more Zombie fun, make sure you check out our sister podcast network (The After the Hype Network) and their Behind the Hype podcast’s coverage of Zack Snyder’s Dawn of the Dead.

Beyond the Hype Podcast – Dawn of the Dead - The Snyder Cut: Dawn of the Dead (2004) (athpod.com)

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