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This I Believe: Unique Flavors

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Rachel Lattimore
NPR Illinois | 91.9 UIS

I believe in ice cream. Different flavors, different colors and smells. Some taste good and some not so good. The happiness you get when you find the flavor you like. The first bite and joy. I loved the flavor Jamoca. It was my favorite. Its coffee taste, brown color and smell - so deeply good. I wanted to try something new. I tried butter pecan. It was the new best. Its vanilla coating, walnuts on top and inside. I had switched. Like the click of a light switch but I wasn’t always so comfortable or confident about trying new things.

Stepping out of the box was extremely hard. I was afraid. I was always scared of what people would think of me. I had really low self esteem. I had friends. I wasn’t a leader. I was a follower. Scared to do what I wanted. Never taking chances or opportunities. High schoo,l my senior year, I was on the poms team. I knew how to make up dances. I had good ideas. I kept to myself. Afraid to speak up and help out. But one day, I tried. I succeeded. I was proud. I was confident. I felt comfortable trying anything. I was a dancer. I stepped outside my box. I was captain. Out of all people on the team they chose me. I was determined. My self esteem boosted tremendously. I loved trying new things. Whether it was something I enjoyed or didn’t even like. I experienced life. I have become captain of the poms team, an assistant dance teacher at a dance studio and a licensed CNA. I am over my fear of what people may think of me. I do things because I want to, for me. I believe in trying new things. Never passing up an opportunity if its offered. Trying my best at everything and never looking back. Change. Change was a very great and important thing in my life. Without change I wouldn’t be who I am today, as well as many other individuals.

Ice cream. Various flavors, all unique. The melt in your mouth. The sensational taste. The cooling delicious drift down your throat. When I think of ice cream - it gives me hope. There are so many flavors, and just like society there are so many opportunities. Trying is just like flavors. Not everyone gets the same kind, they experience others. When life gives you opportunities, think of ice cream and all its flavors. Anyone could make their life full of flavors as well.

I will continue to live my life enjoying ice cream. Enjoying all the flavors and various toppings. Picturing life as one big ice cream cone with a million different things to try. Whether it be sprinkles, chocolate chips, skittles or even gummy bears. I am strong. Never looking back. Striving for what’s ahead or what my future may bring. I know I am ready. Different flavors, different colors, smells and toppings. Any flavor I can have, I just have to try.

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