• May 16
  • Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Chicago
  • May 16, 2019
  • Categories: Film, Community Events

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Join us at the MCA Chicago for the World Premiere of Chicagoland Shorts Vol. 5. FREE screening and after party with filmmakers at MCA Commons. Register in advance to secure your seat! The fifth volume of Full Spectrum Features’ Chicagoland Shorts anthology offers a look into different worlds, from the violent side of aquariums to the artistic influence of the Great Migration, an 8-year-old’s nightmares, the last remaining freed slave settlement and more. This year’s program, curated by Raul Benitez (Comfort Station), Emily Eddy (Onion City) and Melika Bass (Creature Companion), features seven films presented in a single screening, allowing Chicago’s best and most promising filmmakers a chance to shine. A full list of films is below: I MISS JAMIE WHEN SHE’S GONE (2019) Directed by Ashley Thompson. Two estranged sisters return to the suburbs of Chicago ten months after their father’s sudden death to clean out their childhood home. SMART NIGHTMARES (2018) Directed by Marisa Tolomeo. Hannah narrates her nightmares, while her family argues on who's to blame for her creepy internet searches. HALL OF FISHES (2018) Directed by Jennifer Boles. An immersive archival film about the limits of visual knowledge and the webs of power and violence behind our desires to see, contain, and consume the ocean. SHEEBOP! SHEEBOP! SHEEBOP! (2018) Directed by Jiayi Chen & Cameron Worden. A trip to Florida spurs taxonomical speculation. SCALING QUELCCAYA (2017) Directed by Meredith Leich. A surreal exploration of a melting glacier in Peru and an altered future in Chicago, weaving together 3D animation, satellite imagery, archival NASA footage, and speculative math about climate and snow. EXODUS: SOUNDS OF THE GREAT MIGRATION (2017) Directed by Lonnie Edwards. Told through live performance, dance and spoken word, Exodus looks into how the Great Migration gave birth to many artists that influenced and empowered black culture. PALENQUE (2018) Directed by Sebastián Pinzón Silva. Guided by motifs of life and death, Palenque is an ode to a small town that has greatly contributed to the collective memory of Colombia: San Basilio de Palenque, the first town in the Americas to have broken free from European domination.

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