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Heartland Ep. 4: Visual Art & Meditative Music As Tools To Connect

NPR Illinois

Welcome to Heartland, the place where we explore the multitude of ways various people practice spirituality or strive to become more grounded in the world around them and connected to others. 

So far we've spoken to a retired bishop who is critical of religion, sisters who run a convent/farm on over 100 acres just outside of Springfield, and a handful of artists and visionaries. We've brought you conversations from art shows and a holistic fair along the way as well - you can check out all our previous episodes and pieces, here.

Now, on to our latest episode! This time we speak with Springfield artist Stanley Bly. His works combine realism with dreamlike scenarios. Bly also uses people he knows to represent archetypes. (If you have no idea what the means, no worries. Keil will explain!) 

We also speak with world-renowned harpist, Mary Lattimore. Her works have ethereal, meditative qualities. She's collaborated with the likes of Jarvis Cocker, Thurston Moore from Sonic Youth as well as The Arcade Fire and many others. She tells us about how she uses her music like an "E.T. finger" to reach out to like-minded people. Tune in, and hear some music off her new album - At The Dam:

Here is a video for one of the songs off Mary Lattimore's album, At The Dam.

Rachel Otwell of the Illinois Times is a former NPR Illinois reporter.
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