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Artist Adam Perschbacher Has "Disillusions"

AdamPerschbacher's artwork is edgy - quite literally. His geometric, 3D works range from black and white simplicity, to the jagged and colorful. The local artist's work is currently on display at the Madden Arts Center in Decatur and runs through March 29th. The solo-exhibition is called, "DISILLUSION: The Objects of Adam G. Perschbacher." Perschbacher says this in an artist statement about it: "Much of what I do and have done in this realm of art prides itself on an almost clinical inanity and the blind pulse of abstract thought. These geometric studies are visually unyielding, if keen and energetic. There’s an intentional harmony in the wood and canvas-based studies, if only due to my passion for disciplined and minimal oneness."

He recently joined WUIS for this interview: 

Rachel Otwell of the Illinois Times is a former NPR Illinois reporter.