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Official Website - Facebook - YouTubeClever lyrics and an alt-country sound define the work of long-time Chicago resident, Robbie Fulks. Riding the fence between both mainstream contemporary country music and the classic country sound where he derives inspiration, Fulks has a sound all his own. Finding himself on the outs of the modern country sound in Nashville, Fulks claims he doesn’t fit into the “feelgoodism” that dominates country music in its Mecca. Fulks, along with his backing band have been praised by critics for songwriting and an inventive sound. An article in the Journal of Country Music said, “Fulks is a natural and gifted songwriter with a withering wit and an encyclopedic understanding of classic country song forms; he also happens to be one hell of a guitar player.”00000179-2419-d250-a579-e41d38160005Previous Bedrock Appearances:June 14, 2008July 16, 2009November 11, 2011October 18, 2013

Robbie Fulks/Jenny Scheinman

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David Landis

Robbie Fulks/Jenny Scheinman
July 16, 2009, 8 p.m. 
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