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News editor and co-publisher Will Brumleve sits at his desk at the Ford County Chronicle in front of awards and text from the First Amendment. He and co-founder XXXX launched the newspaper in Paxton, Illinois, in 2020, one of the few new papers in the U.S. in recent years.
Jim Meadows
Harvest Public Media
The U.S. has lost more than 2,800 newspapers since 2005, many of them in rural areas. Now some journalists are redoubling their efforts to provide local news and trying new models in a difficult industry.
Faiz Abubakr
A year of war has torn through Sudan, causing devastation and more than 8 million people to be displaced.
Photos by Ash Ponders/NPR, Hannah Yoon/NPR, Justin Sullivan/Getty & Chip Somodevilla/Getty. Collage by Jackie Lay/NPR
We, The Voters — The Left. The Right. The Disillusioned is a special series from NPR exploring the issues most important to you when choosing your next leader.
Kitboga, a popular "scam baiter" who hides behind characters to waste the time of scammers, has a combined Twitch and YouTube following of more than million subscribers. His aviator sunglasses — a signature look — recall a comically disguised CIA agent.
Kitboga on Twitch
Screenshot by NPR
Livestreamers who bait scammers find creative ways to waste their time. This makes for entertaining viewing. But as scams spike, one streamer, Kitboga, wants to protect as many victims as possible.
THE X FROM NPR ILLINOIS (91.9 HD3 and streaming)
Shin Katan
Courtesy of the artist
The guitarist and arranger for one of the world's biggest rock bands is also a composer, whose work on Paul Thomas Anderson's latest film is up for an Oscar.
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