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Concerns Rise Over Children Accessing Detergent Pods


U-S Senator Dick Durbin says a common household item has become too tempting for some kids and it's making them sick.

Durbin said last year he learned about the alarming number of children eating the little pods that some laundry detergent manufacturers produce.  Poison control centers had over 17-thousand reports last year. 

Durbin is pushing for a law to require changes, like redesigning the packets...

"You could put a warning so mom knows that this should be put up on the highest shelf. and finally here's something," Durbin said. "What do I know as a lawyer? Couldn't you put a flavoring on the outside of that package a kid would want to spit out of it mouth as fast as they could?"

The detergent industry says it is already working on consumer education and warning parents to keep the product stored away from small children. 


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