Chicago Tonight: O'Hare Expansion

Feb 2, 2017
O'Hare airport with the Chicago skyline in the background.
Chicago Tonight | WTTW-TV

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If you've ever seen a documentary by Ken Burns, you are probably familiar with the important role music plays in his films. It informs the viewer what mood Burns is hoping to illicit - it's a part of the story interwoven from beginning to end. Jacqueline Schwab is the pianist behind much of that music, she met Burns in her twenties and her music has appeared in a dozen of his films including Baseball, Mark Twain and Lewis and Clark.


One of the nation's most historical instruments is getting back in working order.

This I Believe: In The Piano

Feb 25, 2015
Jacob Pearson headshot
Rachel Lattimore / NPR Illinois | 91.9 UIS

The frost tapped on my window as I sat at the antique desk in my room on that icy winter afternoon. Eternal mounds of snow pressed its hands up against our front door, and it concealed me from the exploration I longed for.