WUIS Engage: Chris Farrell Discusses The Impact Of Education On The Economy

May 14, 2014

Chris Farrell
Credit Marketplace

On May 2, WUIS held an engagement event at the Hoogland Center for the Arts.  It featured Chris Farrell, Economics Editor for the Marketplace programs and Business Week. 

He touched on several education related topics and gave his views. 

"I think education and local economic development are two sides of the same coin," Farrell said. "When someone says what should we do to grow our economy, simply say education."

"Educated people succeed more in small business than less educated people. It's really complicated to run a business," he said.  "The world has changed where people are thinking about starting their own business.  A lot of people want to own a business.  That's what an educated workforce allows."

Farrell also answered questions from those in attendance.