Third Parties Win Battle for Ballot Access

Oct 4, 2017

Political third parties in Illinois recently won a victory in court which would make it easier to get on the ballot. 

The current election code in Illinois heavily favors Republicans and Democrats.  For example, it requires third parties to run a full slate of candidates for county or state offices, forcing them to recruit individuals to fill several positions. Illinois is the only state in the country to have this rule and now a federal court has now ruled it’s unconstitutional.   

Lex Green, chair for the Libertarian party in Illinois says he does agree with some restrictions to help respect the political process. “The problem is finding that cut off point where we say ‘this party is serious and this other party is frivolous.’ When you put that decision in the hands of politically appointed boards or elected officials, it tends to be power wielded to limit ballot access.”

The state had argued the rule was legitimate and prevented “sham parties” from getting on a ballot. The state could appeal the decision.