Shelterbelt Series: Ada Limón & Michael Robins

Jun 1, 2016

Earlier this year two poets came by the NPR Illinois studios to do readings of their works. It was part of the Shelterbelt Creative Writing & Publishing Series at UIS. 

Ada Limón has authored four books of poems. Her most recent, Bright Dead Things (2015) was nominated for several literary awards, including the National Book Award. In it, Limón writes about a personal experience she had with death as well as the complexities of love and loss. She spoke with us about it in this interview:

Michael Robins is a Portland native who now calls Chicago home - he teaches at Columbia College there. His most recent book of poetry is called In Memory of Brilliance & Value. He talks about why he chose poetry as his preferred medium in this interview:

You can listen to the poetry reading featuring both writers below - introducing both poets is UIS Professor of English, Adam Clay.