The Scene: Artist & DEMO Co-Founder Allison Lacher Guest Hosts

Jun 11, 2015

Selfie attack! Allison Lacher (L) joins Rachel & Scott on THE SCENE

If you are done taking the picture of your happy hosts super seriously ... then it is time to listen to this week's version of THE SCENE. The lovely Allison Lacher, an art professor, artist, curator, etc. etc. joins Scott Faingold and Rachel for this edition:

Events discussed this week include:

  • The DEMO project has an art opening for a new exhibit on Friday night, more info here.
  • The third Dumb Fest, a music fest organized by Black Sheep, is this weekend. Info here.
  • The Muni opens this weekend with Spamalot, info here.
  • There will be a Burlesque show at Homespun Republic on Saturday, info here.

CULTURE CORNER // SCOTT'S PICK, aka RIP Ornette Coleman:

RACHEL'S PICK is the book, The Complete Works of Nellie Bly.

SONG OF THE WEEK is from The Baby Magic. Here's the only music video of theirs I could find: