Rebetiki Istoria Brings "Blues Of Greece" To Springfield

Nov 9, 2017

Rebetika is a popular and controversial style of music in Greece. It's folk music with deep roots. Some have called it the "blues" music of Greece. 

Pavlos Vasileiou is the founder and lead singer of Rebetiki Istoria, the name means "Rebetika history." The band plays in Springfield Saturday night. The first iteration of the band started more than three decades ago, all the while maintaining a strict devotion to the original style. "Rebetika songs talk about the everyday experiences of the poor Greek person. When I was growing up, the situation in Greece - there was terrible unemployment, there was very difficult economic situations ... (it was) post-war. The songs spoke to me," says Vasileiou. He joined Yona Stamatis, professor of ethnomusicology at UIS and a member of the band, for the interview, below:

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