McCarter Launches Congressional Challenge Against Shimkus

Oct 7, 2015

State Senator Kyle McCarter

Republican State Senator Kyle McCarter says Congressman John Shimkus has spent too much time in office appealing to special interests. And that’s why he’s challenging the incumbent in the 15th district’s March primary.

The Senator from Lebanon launched his campaign with four stops today (Wednesday)… criticizing his opponent for ultimately supporting short-term funding for Planned Parenthood… after protesting the organization a week earlier.

He says Shimkus repeatedly votes to raise the federal debt limit to appeal to wealthy campaign donors… rather than the people of his district:

“When people are struggling, and living within their means, they don’t want you to go up there and produce bigger government – and extend the debt limit, and get a larger balance on the credit card, when at home they can’t do that,” McCarter said.

McCarter also says he favors term limits, and won’t go back on his word like Shimkus, a 10-term Congressman… who initially vowed to run for no more than six. McCarter says he won’t run again for Illinois Senate, and would serve no more than ten years in Congress.

The senator, who also owns two manufacturing companies, has served in the legislature since 2009. He currently lives outside the 15th Congressional district, but plans on moving to Effingham soon.