Heartland Ep. 3: Finding Fulfillment In Community & Nature

May 14, 2016

Sister Sharon Zayac shows Keil around Jubilee Farm
Credit Rachel Otwell

This episode, Keil and Rachel head to Jubilee Farm, just outside of Springfield in New Berlin. They meet with the Catholic Dominican Sisters who operate the site which focuses on ecology and spirituality. It's over 100 acres and is home to llamas, alpacas and gardens.

Greg Pettys in Australia

A Springfield native who travels the world and currently calls Thailand home, Greg Pettys, is also featured on the program - he talks about how he went from being raised as an Evangelical Christian to coming to his current sense of spirituality. He says it is largely inspired by Eastern religions as well as wilderness and nature. Also - a postcard from the Liturgical Art Festival - (you can still see artwork from that at the Springfield Art Association.) Tune in!