Beatrice Bonner

2017-2018 Leadership Lived Student Worker

Beatrice is the Leadership Lived Student Worker for NPR Illinois. She is in the Capital Honors Scholars Program majoring in communications graduating in May 2018. She hopes to then enter the Public Affairs Reporting Program at UIS in Fall 2018 where she will continue to sharpen her skills in public radio and television broadcast. Beatrice has acted as a multimedia consultant and co-host at Teen Talk Radio Theater in Chicago.  

Ways to Connect

Community member comments.
Lizzie Roehrs / NPR Illinois

Panelists in Moline joined NPR Illinois for the Seeking Solutions forum exploring the issue of residents leaving the state to move elsewhere.

Panelists at the Peoria forum discussed Education issues in Illinois. 

Pastor Marvin Hightower
Beth Crider
Professor Dean Cantu
Dr. Sharon Desmoulin-Kherat

Holiday Specials

With the holidays around the corner, NPR Illinois will broadcast a couple December traditions listeners of the station will find familiar. 

Carter Staley / NPR Illinois | 91.9 UIS